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Dust is the New Black

Of the thousands of vintage automobiles popping up, varnished in dust and spider webs, as many are found in barns as in garages, under tarps, in tents and off in somewhere in the backyard, left to rot. The barn find refers to cars that have been neglected for a long time, and show up in all a matter of strange places and various degrees of decomposition.

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Swindell Hangs it Up… Sort of

The report out of Germantown, Tennessee, today is that Sammy Swindell, a  of Fame sprint car driver who has raced for 43 years, has decided to retire from racing, with one exception:  He still plans to race in the Chili Bowl Nationals each January, where he has a...

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Don’t Be a Bulli, Give Us the Bus

In 1994 Volkswagen unveiled the Concept One, a modern nostalgia version of the classic Beetle. Just four years later, the New Beetle, as it was coined, went on sale for the masses. With a front engine configuration for safety, and and styling cues that would launch...

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All the Cool Cars are Doing It

While a revived interest in alternative energy transportation stems from the understanding that the world is running out of resources, the future of the alternative energy’s success comes from a much more basic ideology — They’re cool.

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On Land with the Air Force

Cars and airplanes have been featured together in various venues almost since their respective beginnings. This relationship continues today as exemplified by a web search on the words “wings and wheels” will yield thousands of hits to explore. Additionally, the...

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Where’s Waldo?

Most racing fans are familiar with the name of Ken Schrader from his years in NASCAR’s top division, where he has raced more than 730 times.  More fervent fans also know that Schrader has raced, and continues to race, virtually anything on wheels.  At age 59, he shows...

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Steve McQueen’s Boeing Stearman N3188 shown in the background with his 1957 Jaguar XK-SS, a version of the legendary D-Type racecar (Photo Courtesy Car Guy Chronicles) Recently, Car Show Safari visited the San Diego Automotive Museum and particularly enjoyed their...

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For the first time, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be host to vintage racing as the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association competes on the recently reconfigured road course and conducts exhibition laps on the world- famous oval for the "Brickyard Vintage Racing...

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Big Changes at Thompson

Not long ago the track announced that it was going to build a road course, which drew cheers not only from sports car racers but also from old-timers who remembered the years when there was a road course at Thompson. That original road course at Thompson was the first...

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Build Your Own Racecar, Says Local Motors

There’s a hidden wish inside every car enthusiast, rooted in childhood fantasy and compounded with each new model that meets the market – the desire to build their own car. And now they can. Based in Chandler, Arizona, about thirty minutes from the capital, Phoenix,...

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