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This Week in Motorhead History: History’s Slowest Winner

Much of the Duryea brothers’ early success can be attributed to a Thanksgiving morning in that first year 1895, when they proudly wore the title of another first – the first United States auto race where any of the entrants finished.

And finish they did.

How Strange Has the 2020 Racing Season Been?

There is no question that the year 2020 will live in infamy because of the tragic COVID-19 global pandemic. Within the world of auto racing, the year will stand out also for being, um, strange.

Winterizing Tips from a Professional Mouse

As a professional mouse, I am here to tell you that if you want to protect your classic car from rodent damage this winter, you should hop on it now. As the weather turns colder we little critters seek warm and dry accommodations, and old cars are excellent at providing both.

What the Hell is a Riker Torpedo Racer?

Riker didn’t just build electric cars, he built electric racecars, which helped him and the company to hold onto their lead in the electric car producing market and won them glory in both long distance and short track racing from the end of the 19th century into the beginning of the 20th.

Mary Anderson, Unsung Queen of Rainy Days, Patents the Windshield Wiper

This Week in Motorhead History: On November 10, 1903, Mary Anderson, a native from Alabama, patented the first windshield wiper – so why didn’t it come out until 1922?

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