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Nissan Is Named

On June 1, 1934, the Japanese based automobile manufacturer Jidosha-Seizo Kabushiki-Kaisha changed its name to Nissan Motor Company.

Why Didn’t Early Electric Cars Have the Spark?

If it was so perfect, why didn’t it survive? Why are we sudden in a new renaissance of electric vehicles, instead of a century into perfecting them? Here a few factors that influenced the rise and fall of the electric car through history.

Who the Heck is Bertha Benz?

Today, in 1944, Bertha Benz died.

And anyone who loves cars, knows cars or has ever sat in a car, you should care.

Car-acter Development

As a fiction writer, working to develop fully rounded characters with quirks and personality traits that may never actually make it to the page, I find the question of what their favorite car might be, just as important as their favorite movie, book or sport. Perhaps more.

Ford Mustang, Better With Age

On April 17, 1964, Ford unveiled a car that would fundamentally shift the auto industry into the new age, and with it, change buying practices, target new demographics and ultimately shake the foundation upon which capitalism was built.

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