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Grand National Roadster Show 2020 Gallery

A Pictorial of The Grand National Roadster Show 2020

Do You Have a Kirk Douglas Trophy in Your Attic?

Racers, locals and their descendants in and around Syracuse, New York, might be scouring their attics and basements for materials on a 1955 “Kirk Douglas Trophy” promotional road rally in the city since the passing on February 5 of the actor from Hollywood’s “Golden Age.” 

Who is the GMC Hummer EV For?

We know who the first Hummers were made for. They were army vehicles designed to make a statement on the road. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first civilian to purchase a Hummer. They were often the target of early global warming conversations, and they stood out as a representation of political ideology, largely for that reason. 

And now, it’s powered by the very same movement it used to mock.

So You Wanna Have a Car Show – Steps for 2020

It’s the start of a brand new year and there’s no better time to plan out your next car show! Our team here at Car Show Safari loves attending cruises, racing events, cars and coffee events and more, and we’re here to share some of our tip, tricks, and ideas for creating a fantastic show.

Those We Lost in 2019

Today we honor those who greatly influenced the automotive industry.

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