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CarShowSafari.com’s Motorsports Editor Bob Marlow has been nominated for this year’s Junie Dunlavey Memorial Spirit of the Sport Award by the Eastern Motorsports Press Association (EMPA).

Race Cars, Classic Cars, and a Solar Power Scam

In December 2018, the FBI raided the California offices of DC Solar and the home of company owners Jeff and Paulette Carpoff, and aside from the usual seizure of computers, files, and corporate books, the agents found $1.7 million in cash! The FBI suspected the Carpoffs of running DC Solar in the fashion of a Ponzi scheme.

Ryan Blaney Does Right

When Ryan Blaney won the NASCAR Cup race at Talladega on Monday, October 14, he became our new favorite driver. 

Because he won? No. Because he’s handsome and well-spoken? Nope. Because of his Dent Wizard sponsor? Naah. Because he drives a Ford Mustang? No. Because he is part of Team Penske? Still no.

Why, then?

Because of his immediate post-race behavior. 

Dynamite Dymaxion

This week, in 1933, R. Buckminster Fuller, made a name for himself in the automotive world when he applied for a patent for his Dymaxion car.

To call the Dymaxion a car would be generous.

Though the automotive industry was still in its youth, the Dymaxion was a vehicle unlike anything even the most imaginative automotive minds had ever seen, and though it would see little commercial or critical success, the Dymaxion Car is undoubtedly a symbol that genius and madness both required a boundless imagination.

Simone Museum Honors a Racing Legend

An estimated 110 people learned about Tazio Nuvolari and got a close look at four of the pre-World War II cars he drove or replicas thereof at the Simone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia.

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