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Ford Tough, But Easy to Read

It’s almost funny to think about the history of the truck. In my mind, their history is parallel to the history of the car, developing at the same pace and for the same reasons. And while much of that belief is true, Patrick Foster’s Ford Tough, 100 Years of Ford Trucks, delves so much deeper into what makes a truck a truck, and how that impacts the history of the world.

Who the Heck is Bertha Benz?

Today, in 1944, Bertha Benz died.

And anyone who loves cars, knows cars or has ever sat in a car, you should care.

Crazy for Miller’s Attention to Detail in Car Crazy

Miller, with his unparallelled research, obvious passion, and careful attention to detail, takes an age of the oily, unsuccessful, and oft untold early automobile and gives it the agency it deserves.

Look, But Please Don’t Touch (Car Museums Part II)

Check out the best hidden car cool (stuff) from automotive museums across the country in this second installment of tours, galleries, and guides!

Why Are All Those Cars There?

In March, professional sports and major concerts were postponed or canceled as one of the first steps taken to control the spread of the coronavirus. So today, in May, why are the parking lots at arenas and stadia across the country full of cars?

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