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A New Height In Publicity, Part 2

Part 2 relates the rest of the story of a unique combination of automotive and aviation technology utilized in a demonstration that deserves a lasting place in marketing textbooks.

A New Height In Publicity, Part 1

Automobiles and airplanes began to develop in parallel starting in the early 20th century, spawning numerous instances in which their respective technologies or products came into direct contact with each other. In some cases, these encounters contributed to the advancement of some aspect of their respective industries, while others were interesting whimsical occurrences.

Those We Lost in 2022

Today we honor those who greatly influenced the automotive industry that passed in 2022

A Checkered Past

Al Unser, Jr’s Confessional: In Al Unser, Jr., A Checkered Past, the highly successful racer shines a bright light on his dark side. The book chronicles his rise through the ranks in racing, and his fall back down to rock bottom.

Andre’s Guide to Monterey Car Week

Today, there are many Concours d’Elegance held around the world as celebrations of automotive excellence. Among the most-recognized and respected of these is the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

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