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Instrument Flight Rules

As car enthusiasts we want not only to control our own vehicles, but we want all the other drivers to do so too. Dashboard touch-screen interfaces and voice-command systems are here, and while they are far more distracting and far less intuitive than the old-fashioned knobs and levers, there is not likely to be any going back to the old ways.

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There’s no “L” in S.U.V.

Built for the front lines of World War II, the SUV has both history and acronym to support its claim as a Sport Utility Vehicle. SUV stands for a car that can weather the weather. It stands for adventure, leaving roads behind, taking chances. By its very name the Luxury SUV does not exist.

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Does the Road to Redemption Run Through New Jersey?

Jeremy Mayfield was a regular in NASCAR’s top series, a five-time winner who drove for such well-known car owners as Cale Yarborough and Roger Penske. But when he failed a random drug test administered by NASCAR he was shown the door. Failing a subsequent test, he remains suspended from all NASCAR racing.

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The Cat’s Meow

Cats can be very finicky – if the litter box is maintained like the cat version of a gas station rest room, kitty will find another place to go and that place may be the nice soft car cover or the box of NOS parts or one of the drawers in your tool cabinet.

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Highlights From SEMA 2014

With a convention center double the size of some private islands, more than 125,000 participants, and the ability to book Vegas solid for the week, the SEMA Show is a bubble of the classic, wacky and wonderful, inside an even bigger bubble of classic, wacky and wonderful – and we’re bringing the highlights to you.

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Yes, This is a Different Pope

Among the 40 attendees will not be the Pope himself, who is known for shunning the pomp and luxury that has attended church leaders previously. Pope Francis lives in a simple apartment and is not a “car guy,” frequently riding in an ordinary small passenger car rather than a limousine.

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The Passing Scene

A couple of years ago I was sitting at a traffic light, and for some reason I began identifying the cars crossing the intersection by country of origin… Japan, Japan, Japan, Germany, Japan, Japan, Sweden, Japan, US, Japan, Japan, Japan, Korea, Germany, Japan… and so on.

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707 Horsepower and Dead Last

Dodge garnered a lot of headlines recently when it launched the 707-horsepower 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, but that car helped Fiat Chrysler Automobiles come in last among eleven carmakers in the EPA’s annual “Fuel Economy Trends” report, released in early October.

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  • The Little Egyptian Cars That Couldn’t Quite
    By 1957, troops had pulled back, but Egypt hardly remained a safe or peaceful place for British ex-patriots like Raymond and Neville Flower, who had been working to develop a racing scene halfway across the world from home.
  • Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, Daimler and Maybach
    On March 17, 1834, Gottlieb Daimler was born in Germany. Had he been born 100 years later, he would have seen an automotive industry the likes of which early automakers could hardly dare dream, and yet, had he been born 100 years later, that very auto industry might never have come to pass.
  • This Week in Motorhead History: The First Porsche
    At the 1949 Geneva Auto Show a revised Porsche 356, with a rear-mounted engine, made its public debut on March 17, 68 years ago this week. It is this car that is widely recognized as the first series-production Porsche, and it is the car that put Porsche on the map of the world automakers.
  • Happy Birthday, Janet Guthrie
    I could tell you that her driving suit and helmet are at The Smithsonian Institute, or that she became one of the first athletes in The Women’s Hall of Fame. I could list a hundred races, speeches and boundaries forever changed by her influence. But I won’t do that. I won’t tally her accomplishments like a grocery list, honoring her checkpoint by checkpoint as a celebration of her many years. That’s not what this is about.
  • Strong and Fast – NASCAR is Founded
    Despite the need for an obvious distance between cars and cups, one of the most important, influential and long-standing elements of the car industry is deeply indebted to the prohibition era and the rum runners who provided America’s degenerates with drink for so long. This month, on February 21, 1948, NASCAR was founded.


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