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Trends From the New York International Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show, hosted at the Jacob Javits Center, is at the end of the international auto show tours. Still, the New York Auto Show is one of the big ones, one of the most important industry events, and one of the auto shows that helps predict, determine or play out the future of the car industry.

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What Went Wrong With the Atlantic City Car Show?

The Atlantic City Car Show should be a smash hit. It has been in the past. But the last few years have seen a decline in one of the most anticipated New Jersey car shows of the year, and that’s a shame.

It’s also a lesson. As we delve deeper in the reason behind the show’s less than success, we might also find the answer to the ever important question – what makes for a good car show?

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On and Off the Car-Ousel

We got a new car. When I say new, I’m not referring to the age of the eight-seater station wagon adding to the general aesthetic of an overcrowded driveway, but the fact that we now own a car we did not own before.

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The Boys Are Back (In Cars)

Oh, but I missed my scruffy, caustic middle-aged British men. It’s been some time since Clarkson’s nail in the coffin stunt that got him fired from BBC’s Top Gear (cough, the real one) and it’s easy to forget why Clarkson, Hammond and May are the best in the business. But they are the best, and it seems that nothing – not even literally being fired from their own television program – can change that.

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The Grand Tour Debuts

The Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour, starring the former Top Gear triumvirate of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, made its long-anticipated debut on November 18. It had its moments. The show incorporated a mix of the familiar and the new.  A tent,...

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  • What Does the Hertz Bankruptcy Mean?
    Hertz, the 102-year-old and iconic car rental company, filed for bankruptcy protection on May 22, the repercussions of which have affected, and continue to affect, the auto industry and the markets for new and used cars.
  • All Speedways Great and Small
    Construction of the temporary indoor speedway had just been completed. The next morning, the same crew that built it began dismantling it.
  • CSS Staff in the News
    CarShowSafari.com’s Motorsports Editor Bob Marlow has been nominated for this year’s Junie Dunlavey Memorial Spirit of the Sport Award by the Eastern Motorsports Press Association (EMPA).
  • Race Cars, Classic Cars, and a Solar Power Scam
    In December 2018, the FBI raided the California offices of DC Solar and the home of company owners Jeff and Paulette Carpoff, and aside from the usual seizure of computers, files, and corporate books, the agents found $1.7 million in cash! The FBI suspected the Carpoffs of running DC Solar in the fashion of a Ponzi scheme.
  • Finding the Perfect Vendors
    In this latest installment of So You Want to Have a Car Show, we discuss some of the most important vendor options to consider and the best ways to entice attendees and encourage them to stick around.
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