What Went Wrong With the Atlantic City Car Show?

The problem is, it should be good. The Atlantic City Car Show, a massive event set before the east coast car season even begins, should be a smash hit. It has been in the past. But the last few years have seen a decline in one of the most anticipated New Jersey car...

New York in a Nutshell

Anyone who has attended an international auto show knows first hand what it’s like to suddenly find yourself in a chorus number for Cirque du Soleil. Everywhere you look there’s flashes of chrome, both fake and real, the sound of engines and – on...

The Adirondack Nationals

True car enthusiasts love and respect cars/trucks of all forms.  Some happen to be particular towards certain vehicular classes.  I love all cars, whether it’s an exclusive exotic or a 1000 horsepower Honda Odyssey (yep, that exists), however I have always had a...

Atlantic City Car Show in Review (Sigh, Again.)

Social media has been around just long enough that it has become chic to remind us of the cringe-worthy posts, pictures, and statements we made before we realized that the internet was ever lasting. Last week, as I was perusing my daily onslaught of political...

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