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Steve Geldman Photography Gallery

Southern Californian native Steve Geldman, picked up his first Minolta 35mm SLR film camera in the mid 1970’s. Having his career in Engineering, Steve went onto starting a side business in photography, shooting weddings, club sports as well as venturing into landscape and portrait photography, winning awards in several photography contests

In 2017 Steve fell into another start-up business, Image Photo Motorsports, once again photography, naturally now as digital format in place of film. With his past interest of motorcycles and automobiles, it was no accident this would be his new medium. After soon getting the attention of a local automotive magazine publisher, Dustin Troyan, he was encouraged to try his writing skills to compliment his photography. Along with his professional photography, Steve has now written many automotive articles for local and national publications.

Steve is contracted with magazine and newspaper publishers where his work is often printed and distributed in print and online. He is often spotted in the Ventura and Los Angeles Counties shooting at local automotive events or even on the side of a racetrack, where racing photography is his passion.

For inquiries about publication or commissioned work on motorsport photography, such as automotive events including track racing, contact: steve@imagephotomotorsports.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imagephotomotorsports

Instagram: @imagephotomotorsports


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