Marisol Herrera’s 1963 Ford Falcon


I first found this 1963 Ford Falcon while scouting for a new vehicle for the Automobile Driving Museum collection. I immediately fell in love with it and requested that it be purchased for the museum. While under the possession of the museum, I loved taking the Falcon to shows and exercising it. When the pandemic started affecting the museum’s financial situation, our Curator decided to sell the vehicle and told me that I was automatically the first in line to purchase it! I didn’t even hesitate, I said yes in a heartbeat! I purchased the vehicle for $4500 and it has become my daily driver.
My favorite thing about the Falcon is the story behind it – the previous owner (before it became the ADM’s) found a beat up old Futura, added a sound system, alarm system, new engine, and gave it a custom color job, then surprised his wife with it! They ended up having to get rid of it because his wife became pregnant with their first child and she could no longer fit her tummy under the steering wheel. I know that this car has been around a lot of love and will continue to do so!
The Automobile Driving Museum has a fantastic collection of classic cars of all eras, located in El Segundo, CA.



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