Ken Vela’s Wikd 356


Ken Vela is the Voice of Car Culture in Southern California! A celebrated Emcee and Preservation Restoration Specialist, he is the owner of Wikd Kustoms in Huntington Beach, CA. This is his “WIKD 356” 625 hp Hot Rod Outlaw. Equipped with a race prepped Type IV, 225 hp, 2.4 liter utilizing V8 Chevy rods with a 400 hp shot wet fogger nitrous system that vents out the front fenders through the Mobile Pegasus’ nostrils!  It has a Porsche 911 5 speed transmission with a 915 gated  shifter. It’s dressed with Centerline 2-piece aluminum wheels with Toyo racing slicks front and rear. The body is a one-off fiberglass design with molded flares, shaved front end with integrated door handles, 10 point roll cage, custom motorized deck lid / wing with sectioned aluminum shotgun scoop and louvers and a custom low profile, plexiglass racing windshield. It is finished in a low luster black patina aged brushed finish, with brushed chrome, aluminum and stainless steel. With diamond tuck red stitched leather interior, diamond plate floor, and custom aluminum gauge visors. Out in back is a custom mounted Deist parachute pack. To top things off, an old-school dash cam by way of a vintage Bolex 16mm camera is mounted to the roll bar to catch all the action! Find out more about Ken Vela and Wikd Kustoms at


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