Elliott Weiner’s 1976 Thunderbird Coupe


This car is all original and was bought sight unseen from Duffy’s Collectible Cars in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in July of 2002. This is a California car and was pampered by a little old lady from San Diego, who treated it like it was one of her children. It is a unique automobile with two tone paint, AM-FM 8 track, Quadtraphonic stereo ( 8 track really works), dual exhaust, four wheel disc brakes (very rare) climate control AC, 6 way twin power leather seats, deep dish aluminum wheels, tilt steering column, 24 oz cut-pile carpeting, gold instrument panel applique, gold opera window insignia, cruise control, power antenna and the 460 V8 that powers this 4,805 pound beast ( never passed a gas station it did not like ) and most of this was standard equipment in 1976 on this edition. Ford produced 52,935 Thunderbird’s in 1976, and only about nine thousand were Cream and Gold. In 2006 Big Bird made her debut in American Gangster for a few seconds and if you blinked you missed her. Elliott & Frani Weiner


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