Domenic DeAngelis’s 1966 Mustang Convertible


I purchased my ’66 Mustang from a customer in 1981. It had just been painted, the interior was factory original and motor transmission had been rebuilt. It was in exceptionally good condition but had a few minor engine problems.  After 32 years of everyday driving and even towing behind my motorhome, it was time to do some restoration. In 2013, the car was stripped, painted, engine and transmission rebuilt, new chrome added, and new interior. My goal has been to always keep it as close to factory stock as possible. The sticker on my cars says that it was built in San Jose, California and first sold in November of 1965. I am the 3rd owner.  The car was repainted its original Emberglo color.  – Domenic DeAngelis is a member of the Tri-County Mustang Club – Oxnard, California. For more info:


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