Celeste Barber’s 1968 Dune Buggy



Glitterbug! World’s Greatest Fun Car!

My folks gave me the Dune Buggy for my 16th birthday. That was July 1968. Back then Dune Buggies weren’t glamorous, just a lick and promise. They were intended to be driven on the streets, but then off the road as the moment grabbed us.

There were no seat belts – that’s what the roll bar was for! The odometer, speedometer, gas gauge and wipers never worked. In the wintertime we’d bolt on the matching fiberglass top.

Much of this old buggy is original, including the gelcoat, as well as the steering wheel, windshield, emergency brake, Mustang tail lights, Corvette gas cap, and the roll bar, proudly pitted to authenticate its age. Happily, the Glitterbug was well-constructed and there is not a crack to be found on her body. – Celeste Barber


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