Alan Detwiler’s 1967 Plymouth GTX

Bought the car 4 years ago because I wanted to build a tribute car for my Dad. He had a brand new one when I was a kid so I wanted one too. I ended up putting about $50k into the car after I bought it to get it to the point it is today.  It has a totally rebuilt 440 to 524 HP on the Dyno 650lbs of torque so it will cook the tires for miles.  Brand new 727 transmission. While the motor was being built I put the car up on blocks in my garage and went thru the entire under carriage replacing and cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning.
I am very happy with the results and have not seen one any nicer anywhere.  One of the best things about this car is there are very few of them out there so there is always a crowd around it at the car shows– Alan Detwiler


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