The Warren Car Show (And What Makes One Good)

What makes a car show good? Is it simply a wide variety of makes and models, shiny chrome glinting in the mid-summer afternoon sun, a lemonade in your hand, over-priced hot dog smells drifting on the wind? Is it the type of car – classics only, back lot reserved...

Reliving the 50’s (From a Gal Who’s Never Been)

I am nine years old. My legs slide across the hot black vinyl back seat of our classic Thunderbird, as we stare over the enormous shining trunk to watch my dad, cursing with tools in hand, at the strange wood and metal shopping cart-based contraption currently splayed...

Atlantic City Car Show 2015 Review

While I don’t need to go into the specifics of just how many years have passed since I’ve graduated high school, (hint: enough,) the Atlantic City Car Show floods me with nostalgia at the memory of skipping Friday classes, waking with the sun, and trekking down to the...

Dreams and Drivers: The Car Club Driven to Help

Kymberly Kaslar, president and founder of Dreams and Drivers, an automotive-based charity,  has known about the power of the car community since she was born. Her mother’s dedication to drag racing and the world of automobiles was an early influence on her, and she...
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