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Pop the Hoods 1


#1. Pop the Hoods - A

So, you thought you knew that one, wiseguy?

#2. Pop the Hoods - B

Yeah, yeah, they light up, but you still got it wrong!

#3. Pop the Hoods – C

The hood scoop was non-functional… like your answer!

#4. Pop the Hoods – D

Didn’t see that one coming!

#5. Pop the Hoods – E

Kinda close… but NOPE!

#6. Pop the Hoods – F

Are you kidding? You missed THIS one?

#7. Pop the Hoods – G

Okay, tough one… but no.

#8. Pop the Hoods – H

Yeah, they’re like at every car show, and you missed it?

#9. Pop the Hoods – i

Gotta work harder than that!

#10. Pop the Hoods - J

Gotta look closer, bud!


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