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Dashboard Dash 1


Wow! You’re a genius!

Sorry! Don’t quit your day job!

#1. Dashboard Dash A ? Logos and model names have been blurred!

Sorry! Don’t quit your day job!

#2. Dashboard Dash B

Oops! Not correct!

#3. Dashboard Dash C

Close, but no cigar. (actually you weren’t close at all!)

#4. Dashboard Dash D

Nice try… but no.

#5. Dashboard Dash E

Yeah, no.

#6. Dashboard Dash F

Sorry, go ask Virgil.

#7. Dashboard Dash G – What was the name of this dashboard?

Really? Are you serious right now?

#8. Dashboard Dash H


#9. Dashboard Dash i


#10. Dashboard Dash J

Ever thought of taking up knitting instead of classic cars?


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