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Look, But Please Don’t Touch (Car Museums Part II)

by | May 12, 2020

Online Automotive Museum Photos, Videos, and Interactive Content—Again!


Are you still on the search for excellent automotive resources and interactive programs for the whole family? Check out the best hidden car cool (stuff) from automotive museums across the country in this second installment of tours, galleries, and guides! Enjoy Part I as well as our complete list of America’s car museums at Auto Museum Alley

Who: California Route 66 Museum 

Where: Victorville, California 

Tour Content: Photo gallery and history

What to Look For: Hot spots and historical info on America’s favorite highway! Fans of nostalgia and Americana will love the decor and artifacts at this car museum as much as the vehicles themselves. 

Who: Canepa Motorsports Museum

Where: Scotts Valley, California 

Tour Content: Photo gallery and multimedia 

What to Look For: A unique and beautiful collection of classic racing motorcycles you won’t see just anywhere. Of course, we want to know your favorites!

Who: County of Los Angeles Fire Museum 

Where: Bellflower, California 

Tour Content: Photography Collection and 3D Tour 

What to Look For: Vintage B&W photography that shows the engines and artifacts in use! They will definitely bring history to life for kids of all ages. 

Who: Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum 

Where: Clovis, California 

Tour Content: Photo Gallery and Past Event Photography 

What to Look For: An amazing collection of vintage British racing motorcycles that have raced on the track over the years. Additionally, enjoy shots of bikes from all over the world. 

Who: Early Years of Motocross Museum 

Where: Contact to Visit 

Tour Content: Photo Galleries with Historical Articles 

What to Look For: A whole lot of really unique motorcycles, some with limited runs, and others with import restrictions into the U.S., but all with amazing racing histories. 

Who: Heidrick Ag History Center

Where: Woodland, California 

Tour Content: Video Tour (Scroll Down) 

What to Look For: Historical articles and vintage photographs of the museum’s classic tractor collection! Kids are sure to love the shots at this cool car museum. Best of all, you can plan a family trip to the kids’ area when the museum reopens! 

Who: Lyon Air and Auto Museum 

Where: Santa Ana, California 

Tour Content: Photo Galleries and Museum Tour

What to Look For: The Divco Helms Bakery Truck is the coolest delivery vehicle ever. There’s also an amazing collection of military vehicles and paraphernalia. 

Ford MustangWho: Marconi Automotive Museum 

Where: Tustin, California

Tour Content: Virtual Tour 

What to Look For: You’ll find American racing machines, Italian performance pedigree, history, and cool models like the DeLorean. Also, check out the art and vintage pieces at this amazing car museum.