Jan 1
Start Date

January 1, 1970

End Date

May 22, 2022

Performance Driving at New York Safety Track

New York Safety Track
396 Zimmerman Road
Jefferson, New York 12093

Event Info:

Sunday, May 22, 2022. Performance Driving at New York Safety Track. Group practice sessions early in the morning. After that, we’ll run a modified open track format with alternating sessions to accommodate differences in performance potential . Plus timed laps in the late afternoon for everybody.

Website:  www.neccmotorsports.com

Admission: $0 for spectators

Registration Fee: Visit our website for registration fees

Event Website: Event Website

Contact Info: Phone: (610) - 927 - 1583
Email: redbat01@verizon.net

Date Start Time End Time
May 22, 2022 5:00am 7:00pm
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Event Specialties:

Competition Cars
Exotics and Sport Cars
Tuner Cars
All Vehicles

Event Motorsports:

Road Course
Track Days & Time Trials

Event Vehicles:


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