When the Car Kid Grows Up

It happened. I was going about, living my life, minding my own business, when – completely out of the blue – I wanted a Porsche. Me? A Porsche. The skies are falling. But, you say, Porsches are amazing. Their have a long and remarkable history of performance, design...

Aussie Grit (Your Teeth to Read This Book)

Mark Webber is many things. He’s a success story, an incredible inspiration, a race car driver who defied the odds over and over, a small boy from rural Australia who rose the ranks, a friend, a teammate, and more. He’s all these things, but he’s not a writer. The...

Crazy for Miller’s Attention to Detail in Car Crazy

To read G. Wayne Miller’s Car Crazy is like taking a step back into history. Forget the ages of American muscle cars and large chrome bumpers. Imagine, if you will, a world without autonomous technology, GPS, and convertible tops. Car Crazy harkens back to an era when...

The Future of Green Technology

In 1968, when Ted Dillard was eleven, his father brought home an electric car from his job at Massachusetts Electric. “It’s up to your generation,’” he told Dillard.“‘This technology’s been around. The problem is the batteries, and it’s up to your generation to...

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