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The Complete Book of American Muscle Supercars is, Well, Super

by | Jul 6, 2020

American Super Cars, Book Review,The Complete Book of American Muscle Supercars

Authors: Tom Glatch

Publisher: Motor Books

Price: $50.00 / £35.00


To any enthusiast, the history of cars in America is irresponsibly incomplete without an in-depth look at the impact and influences of the muscle car, a type of automobile no other country has quite been able to replicate, one that has survived decades of reimagining, government regulations and consumer shifts. The American muscle car is so much more than a car—if it could ever be narrowed down to one—it is a concept, an acknowledgment of American youth as a demographic, a symbol of freedom and power and performance, a lasting ideology about Americana and the open roads of Route 66. 

Tom Glatch Dives into History

Tom Glatch, author of The Complete Book of American Muscle Supercars, understands all that well. The book is split into three sections, highlighting the influences and importance of the dealers, the specialists, and the manufacturers who helped both usher in the muscle car years and ensure their continued longevity. Within these sections, Glatch emphasizes both the big and small, shedding light on the individuals who would go on to change history and the size of their impact.

And it doesn’t just focus on the well-known either. Glatch’s supreme research delves deep into the world of the American muscle supercars, sharing vintage car advertising, statistics, and manufacturing information that helps the readers—be it a new enthusiast or lifelong muscle car lover, understand the full impact of these cars on history.

And Glatch, himself, speaks from personal experiences of the era, and what first drew him to the classic car and muscle car hobbies. It is a story we are all familiar with—my dad/brother/mom/grandma brought home a _____ and I was hooked. The intersection between the big—a lasting legacy of speed, performance and innovation, and the human story of why we, as people, love muscle cars, is fundamental to the book. With his expert research and easy reading, Glatch does a great job getting that message across.

All the Pretty Pictures

Complete Book of American Muscle Super Cars1And even if you don’t read a single word, this book is still all too enjoyable. Loaded with brilliant modern and vintage photography, the reader—or viewer—gets a four-color history of the classic American muscle car, beautiful, powerful, and a little bit angry. David Newhardt’s photography will entice even the most stalwart of exotics lovers in flipping through the pages, and the years,

And Glatch covers all the years. Given the various challenges and obstacles that have faced the vintage muscle car in America, Glatch, necessarily, follows the arc of the car from inception to modern-day, exploring the various changes and evolutions of each period and person involved, a long and overwhelming story. 

But Glatch does it well—just as he does the rest of it well. The American muscle car, especially the supercars, is a history of American as important as The Revolutionary War and apple pie. They are entwined with all factions of life, from politics to music to the domestic sphere, and Glatch understands that. If you’re looking for a beautifully produced book with stunning photography and a true homage to the history of the American muscle car, The Complete Book of American Muscle Supercars is a can’t miss.