The Adirondack Nationals

I highly recommend visiting Lake George, New York during the annual Adirondack Nationals car show. It’s a utopia for anyone who likes classics, muscle cars, and hot rods.

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Look, But Don’t Buy

One of the ways I keep myself entertained this time of year is through classic car and sports car dealerships. It’s a great way to tempt yourself towards highly irresponsible decision-making, and see some really great cars for free.

Chances are there are some undiscovered showroom gems waiting for a new owner to track them down within an hour or two of wherever you happen to be.

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The Tampa Bay Auto Museum – A Tribute to Creativity and Imagination

During a visit to St. Petersburg we made an all-too-brief side trip to the Tampa Bay Auto Museum in the northern suburb of Pinellas Park.

This amazing facility was opened in 2005 by Mr. Alain Cerf, the founder of privately-owned PolyPack, a manufacturer of highly-engineered automated packaging equipment for consumer products that was started in 1962 and whose headquarters is located directly next door.

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The First Car

This is about my first car, and your first car. Everyone’s first car is special. Everyone remembers their first car.

When someone asks, “what was your first car?” you’ll be able to answer right away, year, make, and model. Your first car marks a significant shift in your life. It marks the acquiring of a new freedom.

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Collector Car Showcase on Display

Even those who never lived the years of free standing gas pumps and artistically designed hanging neon signs, can experience them fully in the beautiful front room of Collector Car Showcase.

Before even registering the utterly breathtaking collection of Porsches, all of which are owned by David Jacobson and makes up the current exhibit, 60 Years of Porsche, patrons are met by the sight of thousands of individual pieces of petroliana, everything from neon signs, to Coney Island boardwalk games, to antique motor oil cans. Each piece has a story, and each story is a slice of history.

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The Cars That Made Chris Barner a Car Guy

I’ll check out pretty much any car-related event I can make it to, from the smallest local cruise-ins to the big international auto shows and concours events.

Here’s just a small sample of some of my personal favorite cars I’ve seen over the years:

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Editorial Features


  • Picking the Perfect Date
    If you want to find the really perfect time to put your automotive event on, there are a few things you’ll want to consider in more depth. Based on my experiences at car shows around the country and at all times of the years, here are some elements to keep in mind when looking at next year’s show calendar.
  • Finding the Perfect Vendors
    In this latest installment of So You Want to Have a Car Show, we discuss some of the most important vendor options to consider and the best ways to entice attendees and encourage them to stick around.
  • In Praise of the True Performance SUV
    How do we truly create a performance SUV that can be used--especially one that can be used by the masses? Perhaps the answer lies in which direction companies cross over. Instead of bringing SUV to performance, bring a little performance to the SUV.
  • So You Want to Have a Car Show
    While a cold front may have descended upon most of the United States, it’s not too early to start planning out the most important elements of your upcoming car show, cruise night, cars and coffee or concours. Today, we’re here to help you find the perfect location.
  • Social Media and Your Car Show
    So, with Christmas barreling down upon us in jolly good cheer, why would we think about car shows now? Car show season in the near past and distant future. What can November, December, January mean for our cozy classics tucked in the barn?
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  • Dynamite Dymaxion
    This week, in 1933, R. Buckminster Fuller, made a name for himself in the automotive world when he applied for a patent for his Dymaxion car. To call the Dymaxion a car would be generous. Though the automotive industry was still in its youth, the Dymaxion was a vehicle unlike anything even the most imaginative automotive minds had ever seen, and though it would see little commercial or critical success, the Dymaxion Car is undoubtedly a symbol that genius and madness both required a boundless imagination.
  • The Rise & Fall of Automobile Racing at Dorney Park
    In the early 1980s, one of those cutting their teeth in auto racing at Dorney Park was John Andretti, nephew of Mario, who would go on to a winning career in both CART Indy cars and NASCAR Cup cars. Also in the early 1980s, Ray Evernham, who went on to become a Daytona 500-winning crew chief and an inductee into the NASCAR Hall of Fame, broke his sternum in a Dorney Park TQ Midget crash.
  • Nissan Is Named
    On June 1, 1934, the Japanese based automobile manufacturer Jidosha-Seizo Kabushiki-Kaisha changed its name to Nissan Motor Company.
  • Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, Daimler and Maybach
    On March 17, 1834, Gottlieb Daimler was born in Germany. Had he been born 100 years later, he would have seen an automotive industry the likes of which early automakers could hardly dare dream, and yet, had he been born 100 years later, that very auto industry might never have come to pass.
  • The Drivin’ ‘O the Green
    This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate both Irish pride and the arrival of Spring by taking a drive in your 1959 Shamrock.



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